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Welcome to the University of Leeds and to Step Up to Masters!

Step Up to Masters will help you to explore the academic experience and expectations at the University of Leeds, improve your academic skills, and make a successful leap to studying at Masters level.

Most Masters students find studying at a higher level challenging, regardless of their previous academic experience. However, by adopting appropriate strategies and making the most of the support available from the University, you will be able to build on your existing skills and adapt to learning more independently and effectively.

This resource is designed to help you to reflect on your previous study experience, identify your strengths and areas for improvement, and explore opportunities at Leeds to further develop your academic skills and make a successful Step Up to Masters!

You can work through the resource section by section or go directly to the topic that is most relevant to you. However you use Step Up to Masters, we recommend that you use the reflective tool in the Next Steps section of the resource; this will provide you with a personally tailored plan to help you enhance your academic skills.

When you’ve finished Step Up to Masters, please give us feedback to help us improve the resource.

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