The First Year


In your first year at university, you will build the foundations of knowledge and academic practice that will support you through more advanced study in years two and three.

You will expand on and refine the skills that you developed during your A-levels, and be introduced to new topics. You can also start to think about where your specific interests lie as you progress through your degree.

The marks for your first year assessments, along with feedback from your tutors, are a guide to your progress and understanding and give you an idea of areas you may need to develop further. The first year really does "count"!

In this section you will learn about some of the differences between studying at a school or college and studying at university.


How is it different?

Coming to university for the first time brings new experiences and challenges. You will find that friends studying in other subjects may have quite different timetables, and that their tutors have different expectations of them. Every student, no matter what their subject, or how they are expected to work at university, goes through a period of adapting and developing over their first year.

Video - Leeds students talk about the differences they found between study at college and university


New ways to learn

You will encounter many different ways of learning during your time at the University of Leeds.

You may be attending lectures, seminars, personal tutorials and, in some subjects, practicals for the first time.

What are these learning experiences like, and how can you make the most of them?

Video - Students talk about their experience of lectures and seminars


Making the most of...

Learning at the university takes place in many ways. What are these learning experiences like, and how can you make the most of them?