Welcome to Second Year Success

Hello again!

Welcome to the second year of your course. Your first year at Leeds was spent finding out about your subject area, making friends and settling into life at university. Now is the time for you to think about what you have learnt in your first year, and continue to build on this to develop your skills for a successful second year and beyond.

Your second year will mark a step up from the previous year, and you may notice that you are required to work more independently, read more material and produce longer and more in-depth written assignments. Second Year Success will look at some of the skills you started to develop in your first year – remember that study techniques and practice are something you can learn and improve on!

Take some time to explore each of the sections, and remember that you can also get help with your academic skills from Skills@Library. You can book onto one of our free workshops, speak to one of our Learning Advisors, or find support on our website.

When you’ve finished Second Year Success, please give us feedback to help us improve the resource.

Let's go!