Welcome to the SWJTU-Leeds Joint School

Please be aware that this page will be updated for the 21/22 academic year

We are delighted you are joining us. Here you can find most of the information you'll need for your School induction. We hope that the information in this section will help you to feel settled and ready to start a new and exciting chapter of your life.

Everyone starting at the Joint School will spend the first year studying a common Year 1, regardless of the degree programme you have chosen. So, whether you have signed up for a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering with Transport, Electronic and Electrical Engineering or Computing, you will start in Year 1. During this first year you will study 3 subjects - English, Maths and Physics – which will provide a good foundation for your future studies and give you time to adjust to and prepare for studying everything in English.

Because you are studying for a dual degree, you will have information and input from both Leeds and South-West Jiaotong universities during this settling in period. This webpage will try to help you understand what is planned and to make the most of what is available for you.


Induction Period

Registration with SWJTU and Leeds universities

You can find more information about being a student in the SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, including key people in the Joint School and your student handbook, on the Joint School’s Organisation on Minerva. To access Minerva, you will need to register and get a University username.

When you have registered with both universities, you will be able to access the facilities and resources they both have to offer.

Parent Meeting/SWJTU Opening Ceremony/SWJTU-Leeds Joint School Opening Ceremony

These ceremonies will give you an overview of what it will be like studying at the Joint School and staff from both universities will welcome you to this new stage in your life.

Normally, we would welcome you to the Joint School with an Opening Ceremony, which staff from both universities would attend. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, staff from Leeds will unfortunately not be able to join you this year. But the Leeds staff will do their best to be with you online and we hope that SWJTU staff will be able to attend in person!

Programme Introduction/Peer Tutorial

Each degree programme, as well as Year 1 itself, is led by a representative from Leeds and one from South-West Jiaotong. The introductory talks will give you an overview of the degree programme you are starting and there will be an introduction to the common first year.

The Peer Tutorial system is run by students in higher years who will help you to adapt to life in the Joint School by sharing their experience.

Student Clubs Recruitment/Extracurricular activities/welcome party

During the induction period, you will find out more about what you can do at university outside the classroom, such as the student clubs and extracurricular activities available in SWJTU and Leeds. You will have the opportunity to meet your classmates and staff at the welcome party.

Introduction to facilities in both universities and SWJTU history

You will find out more about the facilities both universities have to offer you – and how you can access them.

Student representation

You have the opportunity to represent your peers in both universities – this week you will find out how!

Teaching Week 1

During teaching week 1 you will:

  • Have a placement test and individual interview

  • Meet your SWJTU teacher and be placed in a class. Classes will be grouped according to major degree programme and performance in the placement test

  • Have an introductory English, Maths and Physics class

  • Register with the University of Leeds


Throughout your induction and your programme, should you need any help or advice don’t hesitate to ask your Student Support Office in SWJTU (sso_leeds@home.swjtu.edu.cn) or the Student Education Service in Leeds (swjtu@leeds.ac.uk).

Things to Look Forward To