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Care studentesse e cari studenti, benvenuti a Italian@leeds da Alessandra, Alessio, Chiara, Gigliola, Laura, Matthew, Olivia e Simone!!!!!

Photograph of Alessio Baldini
Alessio Baldini
Lecturer in Italian Culture
Photograph of Alessandra Flore
Alessandra Flore
Italian Language Teacher
Photograph of Gigliola Sulis
Gigliola Sulis
Associate Professor
Photograph of Laura Lucia Rossi
Laura Lucia Rossi
Teaching Fellow in Italian
Photograph of Chiara La Sala
Chiara La Sala
Associate Professor of Italian
Photograph of Olivia Santovetti
Olivia Santovetti
Associate Professor, Director of Italian
Photograph of Simone Lomartire
Simone Lomartire
Lecturer in Italian
Photograph of Matthew Treherne
Matthew Treherne
Professor of Italian Literature

We are delighted that you are joining us. To help you feel settled and ready to start a new and exciting chapter of your life, you can find more information about arriving at Leeds on the Languages, Cultures and Societies welcome website.

What Our Students Say

Picture of the most common words used by Italian graduates, to describe their time at Leeds. The words 'Leeds', 'Amazing', 'Support' and 'Italian' are the most prominent

Here is what some of our students who graduated in 2020 said about studying Italian at Leeds:

  • "Thank you so much to all the Italian staff for being so lovely and for imparting your wisdom!"

  • "Ce l'abbiamo fatta! Sono stati 4 anni bellissimi. Vorrei ringraziare tanto tutte/i le/i prof dell'Italian Department per il costante supporto durante questo viaggio soprattutto negli ultimi mesi senza precedenti che sono stati difficili."

  • "Congratulations everyone! I'm so proud of what we have all achieved - academically and otherwise - during an amazing four years at the University of Leeds. I'm sure you can all agree that Leeds will always have a place in my heart and some of the memories I've made during this time I will treasure forever."

  • "A huge thank you do the Italian department for being a massive part of my university experience and for all the help you have given us over the years."

  • "Thank you to our fantastic department who have supported us through a final year like no other! Miss you all, see you at graduation!!!"

  • "Purtroppo abbiamo finito il corso d'italiano all'università:(( Sono stati 4 anni bellissimi e vorrei ringraziare tutti voi per essere parte della mia esperienza a Leeds. Also big shoutout to all the professori - grazie per tutto:)))"

  • "I am so very lucky to have seen as many places as I did during my year abroad (all hail Bergamo and its cheap connections to other cities!). Not only that, but I met some true friends during this experience. A big thanks to the department for helping to give us this experience, and for guiding us through four years at university! Grazie!!"

Induction Week

During induction week, you will:

  • Meet key academics including the Director of Italian, the convenor of your modules, your language tutors and the support staff.

  • Be introduced to student representatives.

  • Attend essential induction lectures.

  • Have the opportunity to put yourself forward as a student rep for your cohort.

  • Have the opportunity to meet as many Italian new starters as possible (virtually) to grow your social network in the first few days.

  • Interact with students and staff through live online sessions so you get used to the online way of working.

  • Have time to peruse the Leeds University Union's Freshers Fair, where you can sample and join a whole host of societies.

Registration, IT access and Minerva

To access Minerva (the Virtual Learning Environment full of useful info and links for your modules), you will need to register and get a University username.

Module enrolment

Each module is worth a certain number of credits. Languages students normally take 120 credits per year. There are three categories of modules. On most programmes you will do some of each:

  • Compulsory: most programmes have some modules taken by all students (for students of Italian: ITAL1030/5 Beginner Italian and ITAL1020 Exploring Italy). These have already been added to your record;

  • Optional: more specialised modules within your main subject area, allowing you to tailor your programme to suit your own interests (for example, ITAL1040 Italy from Fascism to the Present or ITAL1034 Art and Literature in Medieval and Renaissance Italy: An Introduction);

  • Discovery Modules: modules from outside your main subject area. Leeds offers a huge choice. Find out more about the Discovery Themes on the Broadening pages of the Leeds for Life website.

Studying Italian at Leeds and Independent Learning

Through a wide variety of assessment and teaching methods (interactive lectures, seminars, tutorials, group work; portfolio tasks, essay writing, audio-visual activities, oral presentation) you will become proficient in Italian language and acquire an in-depth knowledge of Italian history and culture. You will also develop an advanced understanding of communication and strong research skills, while being trained to think critically about the information you find and the work you produce.

You start as a student and you will become an independent, proactive researcher. This will happen gradually, year by year: with the close guidance of your tutors and the support of the technologies, resources and services of our Library and Language Centre (Skills@library and the Language Zone).

This will enable you, in the Final Year, to produce a substantial piece of independent research – your Final-Year Project – which is a distinctive feature of the Leeds curriculum: you focus on your personal development by studying your preferred topic in depth and develop a range of advanced transferable skills (project management; autonomy and confidence; ability to deal with and communicate complex information; problem solving; critical thinking).


Research in Italian studies at Leeds covers both literature and the arts in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and literature, society and culture of modern and contemporary times, including cinema, history, linguistics and languages for business. Areas of excellence at national and international level are in particular Dante studies, Petrarch, its reception and exegesis, art in the Renaissance, popular cinema, the novel in the 19th, 20th and 21st century, the study of regional cultures and the global literary sensation of Elena Ferrante. Many modules are team-taught (including Level-1 Exploring Italy): this means that they draw on the research and knowledge of your tutors who have different research interests. This way, you become familiar with different approaches, perspectives, and styles, whilst being exposed to a wide variety of material. For more information about the research interests of staff in Italian, see the Italian staff research page.

Beyond Study

By studying Italian at Leeds you will be experiencing Italian culture also outside your classroom. Italian scholars, professional translators, but also writers, artists, singers, and interpreters come regularly to visit us. You will have the unique chance to take part in various activities, such as those proposed by, or in collaboration with:


You will be contacted by your Academic Personal Tutor during induction week (they are the first point of contact and main source of information; they will be able to help with any questions you might have and they will be able to direct you to other sources of support).

In the meantime, if you have general enquiry about your programme or your modules you can email the LCS Student Support Office at lcsstudentoffice@leeds.ac.uk.

For academic queries related to Italian, contact the Director of Italian, Olivia Santovetti (o.santovetti@leeds.ac.uk); for specific queries about your module contact the tutor/manager of your module (name and email can be found in the Undergraduate Module Catalogue).

You can also contact us also via Minerva or Teams. Just write to us: we are always happy to hear from you!

Benvenuti e a prestissimo!