Welcome to French

Matthew Treherne, Head of School welcomes you to the School of Languages, Cultures and Societies.

A message from Dr Honor Aldred, who is director of French.

Independent Learning

Here at Leeds, you will learn in various formats: through lectures, seminars, tutorials, group and project work. The style of learning and teaching you’ll experience at University is different to how you’ll have learnt at school. Being at University is about becoming an independent learner, so what you cover in lectures will be the main points, but you are expected to read around the topic in more depth. There will be reading lists to help you.

Making the Grade

A variety of assessment methods is used in French at Leeds in year 1. These include: coursework (e.g. take-home exam, commentary), examinations, portfolios (sometimes including some peer-assessment).

Don’t worry about this; a lot of guidance is given, especially in the kinds of assessment with which you might not be familiar, such as the peer-assessment component.

Some modules use a variety of assessment methods within the same module, meaning that if you are weak in one area, you can make up for this in a different part of the assessment. The language module, for instance, uses exam, oral, coursework and dossier to make up the final mark.

You will have the chance to do practice essays and practice coursework. This means that you will get valuable feedback on your performance, to help you improve before doing the final assessment.


Members of staff in French at Leeds have a wide variety of research interests, which is reflected in the teaching which they deliver. In your final year, especially, you will have the chance to follow modules directly related to staff research. For more information about the research interests of staff in French, see the staff page of the French website.

Discovery modules

As well as the compulsory and optional modules that make up your programme of study, you can choose something different to your main subject as a discovery module. Find out more about the Discovery Themes on the Broadening pages of the Leeds for Life website.